Wrap It Up

The scarf trend that dipped its tails in Australia over Summer seems to be going no where. I am calling it as your go-to transeasonal piece as we move our way into Autumn. 


The Trend: Forget the scrunchie, take a silk scarf and wrap it in your hair, around your bag, and if you're feeling oh so Parisian, around your neck! 


How to Wear it

Hair: The key is the size and colour of the scarf. The tips of the scarf should be the feature points, so when you pull your hair into a bun use a smaller, handkercief sized scarf to wrap around the base of the bun. Low ponytails & plaits are where you can really have some fun. Take your hair's length and thickness into consideration, as a rule I like use a scarf that, when tied, hangs down no further than 10cms below my hair. Enough to achieve that hair blowing in the wind while travelling through the French countryside in a 1967 Jaguar E-Type Series I, without swamping you and detracting too much attention from your outfit. 


When it comes to colour, choose a scarf that compliments your hair. If you're blonde stay away from very light colours as they will blend in. If you have dark hair, look for those light pops of colour and neutrals to really stand out. 


Bag: Take your scarf and wrap it around the strap of your bag. It's so much easier to swap scarves than it is to swap the contents of your bag! And a pop of detail is sure to distract everyone from the fact you have a clear favourite when it comes to handbags. 


Neck: This one isn't for everyone. But here are some tips if you're ready to give this oh so chic accessory a try. When folding your scarf in a chocker style, untuck the tips to break up the straight line across your neck. If you're going for loose, leave the knot off centre at the front with those tails hanging in the breeze. 



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