Why Do We Chase That Glow?



Have you ever wondered why we are all chasing that illustrious 'glow'? You know, the one we seek out with the use of illuminating products like highlighters and strobing cremes. I'm in love with it too, but it wasn't long ago that I found myself unsatisfied with almost every product I put on my skin. At the beginning of the year I looked at the dozens of products before me and had a "it's me, not you" moment. 


When we talk about that 'glow', what we really mean is that natural radiance that comes from hydrated skin. When your skin is thirsty, it is going to look lacklustre - I liken it to those times I home from overseas to a house full of succulents that suddenly look less "there's no way you can kill these, they're so hardy" and more ugh. 


In March I gave myself the rest of the year to find something that worked, half way through my journey to glowing skin here's what I have learnt, and what works. 


Dull Skin Cause #1: Dead skin - it's everywhere

Thought that face wipe was effective at removing the millions of skin cells we shed each day, turns out, as expected, we're kidding ourselves. When I notice my skin looking dull, with a lifeless tinge to its tone, I know it's time for an exfoliation. I love Peter Thomas Roth Firmx Peeling Gel for weekly use. When I need a deep exfoliation to ensure my skin is reflecting all the light it can, I head to Laser Clinics Australia for a 5 Step Micro Dermabrasion.


Dull Skin Cause #2: Dehydration

Your moisturiser and even serums can only penetrate so much of the skin's surface, and sometimes hydration  needs to go deeper! The decrease in your skin's thickness and elasticity may be from dehydration in the dermis and lower levels of the epidermis. I head to Laser Clinics Australia for a AHA Enzymatic Peel every second month to keep on top of this dehydration. From my first peel I was hooked - if you're going to spend money on one skin treatment, this is it. With minimal down time, this peel is suitable for almost anyone. The papin enzymes get to work on eating that dead skin we spoke about earlier, while the grapeseed extract and hyaluronic acid gets to work on hydrating - leaving skin feeling dewy and plump. 


Dull Skin Cause #3: Environmental Pollution

That's right, you know all of that stuff that's no good for the environment, it's not good for your skin either. Solution? Wash your face, every night! Pollution causes inflammation on the skin's surface, so I opt for a gentle cleanser that promotes my skin's natural barrier, I'm using Jurlique's new Oil Cleanser and follow with their Cleansing Lotion (both products are pre release, I'll update you with more information ASAP). 



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