The Truth About Luxury Skincare? #jiworthitwednesday

From coffee scrubs to acid peels, there are more beauty products on the market than ever before. And it begs the question, is now really the time to be investing in skincare?


Skin care products, and the claims their marketing teams make, fill us with the hope that those crater sized pores will somehow shrink back inside themselves; that our fine lines will remember our "true" age and smooth themselves out. 


If you have been following along, you will know I am a little over a month into my #jiquestforglowing skin; an attempt to quell a decade-long war with my skin. I consider myself to be a relatively savvy consumer, you know the kind that will find a product they love in store and quickly Google it to see if an online retailer is selling it for half the price with 'Fast & Free' shipping. As I embark upon this quest, however I am challenging myself to look closely at that pinch of optimism I feel each time I reach for a $300 serum. The question I have been asked, and ask myself, the most; are the products really worth the price? 


There is more that goes into the price of a single product than the concentration, purity and source of active ingredients. These play a role in the cost, but so do lab research fees, advertising, the audience and packaging. But this doesn't always mean you end up with a superior quality product. Personally, before I purchase any skin care products, I look for evidence that it works! Independent, clinical trials are few and far in between, but if you can find one that has tested the product you are about to purchase, ensure you have a read.  Go online, in the same way you would shop around for price, read around for reviews, statistics and studies. I also look for products that list their shelf stability "period after opening". 


In my experience: sometimes expensive products are better, and sometimes they are not. It all depends on the ingredient list, the amount of certain ingredient a product has, and how the brand formulates an ingredient. 


When in doubt, learn to read the ingredient list of the products you are considering purchasing. Look for ingredients that work - those that have been tried and tested; retinol, vitamin C, vitamin E to name a few. When you're looking to splurge, do some research into the ingredients that will address the skincare concern that you are trying to treat or prevent. 


Even reading my words back that sounds like a mountain of work. So, each Wednesday I will be sharing my tried and tested favourites from the Luxe Category. Worth it Wednesday #jiworthitwednesday will showcase those products that I think are worth the splurge. 







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