Plump Skin, No Downtime, No Worries

 Image source: Kristina Paukshtite



Bright lights, a red-carpet treatment that lasts 48 hours. My therapist Bernadette, owner of Facialistas, reassured me that despite the luminosity of the light  I wouldn’t feel any pain, and she was right! The entire Omnilux treatment was completely painless!


Omnilux is unique in that it provides a stimulus for cellular activity. As your cells become increasingly active, they become more permeable and responsive to exogenous stimuli. In language you and I can understand, this causes blood flow to increase, which in turn will lead to oxygenation and detoxification...aka plump, clear skin. Post treatment your skin should appear clearer and with fewer fine lines. Plump, hydrated cheeks never came so easily!


As a bonus, the products you are using on your skin at home are likely to become more effective post treatment as they are better able to permeate the skin.


You may be wondering what made me decide to try this new treatment. After reviewing all the recent changes in my life, new stresses - and perhaps a little lack of sleep - I realised that it had started to show. Wrinkled skin is not part of my 5-year plan, so, I decided that as a skincare enthusiast I needed to discover what was out there - and I’m so happy I did!


After my treatment I was ready to hit the weekend, no down time after this treatment. In fact, I actually put make up on my skin straight after treatment to go to dinner with no impact on its efficacy. My skin stayed plump over the whole weekend, and I noticed a visible difference in its texture and hydration. If you want long-term benefits I’d recommend undergoing treatments more frequently.


My experience with Facialistas was so unlike others I have had. The studio feels soft when you step in, it is light and airy - without being harshly lit by fluorescent globes. My session feels more like a facial than a more abrasive, clinical treatment - undoubtedly helped by the neck and shoulder massage. 


If you're looking for plump, glowing skin, look no further than Facialistas. You can be sure regular Omnilux treatments are now part of my 5-year plan. 


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