How To Use Facial Mists







For years I owned the same facial mist and thought its only function was to be sprayed before bed so one could fall asleep dreaming of a garden full of roses. Flash forward to 2018, and I have finally discovered facial mists are must more than water in a bottle. Give these three tricks a try, and I promise they'll prove your mist can do more than a quick flick of water from the tap. 


1) Refresh your make up. If you're like me you rarely have time to wash off your make up and reapply before after work festivities. My tip, spray your favourite mist to bring some life back onto your face. If you want to add a little concealer go ahead with your skin slightly moistened, it works a treat! I like to use La Mer The Mist over make up, because I find it's light enough to add hydration without unsettling. 


2) Skin drink. I typically take a 30min 'fresh air' break in the middle of the day, I find it's the perfect opportunity to spritz with a facial mist to give a little hydration back to my skin after sitting in front of the heater all morning. In the middle of the day I like to use a spray of Paula's Choice Refreshing Moisture Mist.  


3) Increased absorption. Typically serums and moisturisers will glide on, and absorb better into slightly moistened skin. So, if you have let your skin dry after washing give it a little spray before putting all that goodness on. For this one I typically use Jurlique Rosewater Balancing Mist. 



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