Body Balance, But You Won't Break A Sweat


The premise of kinesiology is that the body has its own healing energy that may need a little assistance at times - sounds conceivable, and I've always been a big advocate for listening to my body and what it needs -. Kinesiology is a holistic therapy that uses muscle monitoring to connect with the subconscious mind (this is where I got a little lost). 


I was recently invited to experience kinesiology by Geordie Ritchie from Flourish Kinesiology. Prior to Geordie's invitation I wasn't familiar with the practise, or what it could do. I went into my session with an open mind, and no idea what to expect. 


Knowing little about kinesiology, I put a call out through Instagram to seek some insight into your experiences, and also to collect any questions you may have about the practise. 



Q&A with Geordie Ritchie  


Does it work for everyone?

Geordie notes that like all complementary practises, kinesiology is not for everyone, however notes that all of his clients have shown improvement. Geordie suggests the practise will work best for those who approach it with an open mind and a willingness to take action and embrace change. 


Who is it beneficial for?

Geordie most commonly sees people with concerns including; stress, anxiety, auto immune, unexplainable health issues, and children with learning difficulties. Geordie is excited to tell me he sees clients of all different ages, including children. 


Can people see a kinesiologist in conjunction with Western medicine?

Absolutely. Geordie notes kinesiology can work in conjunction with other therapies. 


How often does someone have to have an appointment?

Geordie suggests between three and five sessions to resolve an issue, sometimes this can be longer for chronic issues, or for someone who presents with a number of things they would like to work on. 


Okay, I am ready to book! How do I choose a good kinesiologist?

Geordie notes there are many different modalities of kinesiology, and he advises people to do some research prior to booking an appointment. "My advice to people finding a Kinesiologist is to have a phone conversation with them, ask questions and see if they are able to help you. The great thing about Kinesiologists is they usually don’t have a receptionist, so if you call you are most likely going to chat with the practitioner". 



Practitioner Profile 


Geordie has used kinesiology throughout his life, and it was an appointment with Kaylee at Flourish Kinesiology that inspired Geordie to study kinesiology. I ask Geordie if being a kinesiologist was ever something he had considered in the past, and he remarks with a grin 'It was never something I thought I would be able to do...I thought it was for people with a magical talent...'. From seeing children diagnosed with dyslexia improve dramatically in their ability to form sentences, to having clients reduce the frequency and severity of panic attacks Geordie has seen some wonderful success stories in his career. What I most enjoyed about my experience was learning of Geordie's genuine passion for seeing improvement in his clients' lives. 



My Experience 


Prior to my session, my quick internet search had informed me of the many benefits of kinesiology including the reduction of stress and anxiety, improvement in learning difficulties,; bed wetting, night terrors, headaches, jaw tension/teeth grinding, low confidence/self esteem, and chronic fatigue - amazing - but I wasn't struggling with any of these! Geordie however, assured me the session may be helpful for my recent troubles with sleeping. So we began! 


I found the session relaxing, and time moved quickly. Throughout the session I didn't connect with everything Geordie received, there were emotions I didn't connect with, and timelines I couldn't quite place. Geordie assured me this was common, and we pressed on. When Geordie asked whether I had been eating artichokes and beansprouts I let out a giggle; I adore artichokes and had eaten them the night prior to my appointment, I don't like bean sprouts but after arriving home from Asia two days earlier I could still taste them on my tongue. After the balance, Geordie gave me a blend of oils to apply to my toes and back of the neck prior to sleeping. 


The verdict? I've slept well almost every night since my appointment, and I can't think of a morning I have woken up lethargic and snoozed the alarm for any longer than the obligatory 'five more minutes'.  


Have you tried kinesiology? If you have, let me know how you found your experience - I am eager to learn more! If you would like to book a session with Geordie you can find him at Flourish Kinesiology








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