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This week #jiworthitwednesday is taking a deeper look into some moisturisers from the luxe category and whether they are worth their price tag. 


Product: Age-Defying Day Cream (Optimera® Formula)

Brand: Nerium 

Price 30mls: $135


ClaimsDesigned to moisturise and smooth fine lines and wrinkles


My Experience: This is one of those products that you can notice visible difference from first use. I love to compare the formulas of difference products on my hand. It's not always the best indication of how that will perform on your face, but it is a great way to get to know them and how they compare to others. When I compare the Nerium Age-Defying Day Cream (Optimera® Formula) on one hand, to another moisturiser on the other, I notice the skin looks visibly smoother on the hand with this product. What I don't like about the product is that it has a matte finish, this is typical of a lotion, and not a fault of the product so much as my personal preference (as well as what works for my skin type). This would be my pick for oilier skin types, ideal on top of a good serum. 


How Long Does it Last: I can't give a good indication as the bottle is opaque, and I don't reach for this moisturiser as often as others. 


Worth the Price: For my skin, there are formulas that suit it better. As a product though, I think it performs well, my skin is soft to touch under it, and make up sits particularly well on top of it (particularly if you prefer a matte look) - if you have fairly well balanced skin I would say you could use this and skip a primer for everyday make up as the Age-Defying Day Cream (Optimera® Formula)  is ever so slightly tacky. 



Product: Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief

Brand: Clinique 

Price 30mls: $36* note this is sold in 50ml size

Period After Opening: 24months 


Claims: Lumps skin with 24-hour hydration.Instantly rehydrates. Helps repair skin's moisture barrier over time.


My Experience: I have used Clinique's Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief  for quite some time now. It is a really simple moisturiser that locks in moisture without feeling heavy. Gel formulas work well for my skin, and I typically find they sit well on most skin types. This was actually one of the first Clinique products I tired and loved. I was somewhat surprised by how well my skin reacted to it as I had never associated Clinique products as a good match for sensitive skin. This moisturiser sits well under make up, is completely absorbed by my skin, and doesn't leave any shine. 


How Long Does it Last: I think I would have kept my last container for the best part of eight months. Using it most mornings throughout that time. This is definitely a product that goes a long way! 


Worth the Price: Absolutely! I actually had to check the website again to make sure I had calculated the cost per 30mls correctly. 


Product: The Moisturising Cool Gel Cream  

Brand: La Mer 

Price 30mls: $242

Period After Opening: La Mer doesn't prescribe one. But suggests products are stable for three years from manufacturing date. 


Claims: Skin looks naturally vibrant, restored to its healthiest centre


My Experience: I have been using the Moisturising Cool Gel Cream for about a month now. I am a sucker for gel moisturisers, they work for my combination skin because they're not so heavy that they don't allow for good airflow and breathing. La Mer is well known for their ultimate luxe products, and the Moisturising Cool Gel Cream is no exception. I do find the gel to be cooling, and it delivers a soothing moisture. My skin always feels light and fresh after application. I love that this product is really easy to apply under make up and my skin soaks up every drop instantly. I would definitely say this is my pick of three to wear under make up - I won't reach for anything else if I am getting ready for any event that my skin needs to look flawless. (Keeping in mind I crave a dewy finish)


How Long Does it Last: I have only had this product a month. I have used it most mornings, and a lot of nights, and have barely made a dent. This product has incredible payoff! A pinky-finger sized dip of the cream will be enough for my whole face. 


Worth the Price: If you have it, then yes. La Mer is a brand that invests a great deal in research and development, so you know you will be buying a premium product. The Moisturising Cool Gel Cream is a truely beautiful moisturiser to use. I typically find La Mer products last longer than others because the formulas have been so well made a little goes a long way. 



Pick of the three: This is an easy pick for me. When it comes to luxe products, my philosophy is always 'spend and save' - even within the category itself. I'm of the persuasion that moisturisers don't necessarily add a great deal of moisture to your skin, they really act as a barrier to lock in whatever you are putting on underneath. My ideal moisturiser must fall into the lower price point for the luxe category. For me (and my skin type), a moisturiser should be lightweight, but heavy enough to lock in moisture - this is why you will typically find me favouring a gel formula. A little should go a long way. It should work effortlessly with my morning routine - that means it needs to soak into my skin quickly and completely, leave no residue or shine, and sit well under make up. So the winner, Clinique Moisture Surge Intense Skin Fortifying Hydrator.




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