A Must Have For The Busy Person




If you are anything like me, you probably feel like you are drinking and eating on the run a lot at the moment. The 'Silly Season' is upon us!


As someone on the go, I am always looking for products that will be able to keep up with my active and fast-paced lifestyle. I think this is something that resonates with many of us, whether we be busy parents, small business owners, students, or just keeping up with a crazy social calendar. With my work days becoming longer, I have been skipping my morning stop at my local coffee shop and brining my own tea on the road with me. 


If you're like me you will brew a cup of tea, leave it for what seems like a life time, only to find it is stone cold by the time you remember. That's where Sipgo comes in. A stainless-steel drink holder that can keep cold drinks for up to 18 hours and hot drinks for up to 8 hours.



There are a few things that I love about the Sipogo range:

- bringing my own cup encourages me to be more environmentally friendly and stay away from the often non-recyclable disposable alternatives 

- I don't need a seperate cup for my cool drinks and hot drinks! 

- Sipgo has double-wall vacuum insulation technology - so no more burning my hands

- Sipgo products are BPA-free, have a lifetime guarantee, and are designed by passionate inventors and innovators 



Pricing and availability:

Sipgo is now available Australia-wide and is currently being sold in its 600ml. size. Sipgo has 2 colours: Aqua and Matte Black. It retails at $29 and can be purchased by visiting its online store at www.sipgo.com.au. If you would like to give Sipgo a try, pop the code 'JASMIN' in at the check out for 10% off.  



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