Traceability; where does your skincare come from?

If you have followed me for a while now you will know I have quite recently fallen in love with taking care of my skin. It has taken me until now to appreciate the investment in good skincare, and also to know what to look for and how to use it. 


I have just added new skincare label Biologi to my regime. On the 13th of September they introduced the first 100% active, single ingredient plant serums to consumers. The serums are unprecedented in the marketplace and challenge conventional skincare. They’re backed by science, certification and results. Now that's something to get excited about!


'Biologi was created with a commitment to transparency for consumers to make informed decisions'


Biologi is redefining skincare by offering unaltered, single ingredient, plant-to-bottle products. Now what does this mean for us as consumers? You are receiving a product that is 100% active ingredient, so you actually know what you're putting on your skin.


In recent years I have become increasingly conscious of the harm a number of industries are doing to the environment, the beauty industry being no exception. Biologi is fully sustainable and certified organic - this is already two huge ticks from me. 






The facts


Innovation Extraction Method:

Biologi has successfully harnessed the plants internal process, so your skin gets the full potential of the plants’ nutrients.


Single Ingredient: This is the first consumer product to have only one ingredient per serum. The extract contains no additives, fragrances, preservatives or water. Biologi don’t dilute, alter, synthesise or manipulate the extract in any way – it’s 100% plant serum, in its entirety, from a single source.

100% Active: To date, most skincare companies have included active ingredients at around 2% Biologi is 100% active ingredient.

Traceability: Biologi is the first skincare company accountable for the entire production process, and can ensure traceability from plant-to-bottle.

100% Natural: Biologi’s serums are whole plant extracts, certified organic, wild harvested and sustainable.


Price: 15ml $79.95 30ml $97.95 50ml $64.95

Available: From 13 September 2017 via









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