Stepping Inside My Comfort Zone



Welcome to my comfort zone. Here you will find soft fabrics, spring sunshine, an opportunity to play, and some time to unwind. 


I was recently introduced to Emu Australia, believers in the Ever Natural. Their journey starts with a love affair with the beauty of the Australian landscape, and a desire for a natural style that thrived in the elements.


Nature is the greatest inventor; we’re just following her lead.


As someone who can lose days scrambling along jagged beaches, or climbing up mountains this story resonated with me and I was eager to slip my foot inside one of their creations. 


Working from home many days of the week, my feet often find their way inside a pair of boots of slippers. so to say the comfort of Emu Australia's Sheep Skin Boots and Mayberry slippers amazed me is a big call. 

I can liken putting on these boots and slippers to stepping into some kind of cloud like pillow, but one that hugs your foot with just the right amount of support. And I might add, they have a real sole, you know the kind that allows you to take the comfort of the inside out. 


"Our ability to innovate, push boundaries and harness all natural materials results in enduring comfort and quality you can trust."


I know these boots will see me through for many nights to come, and the slippers will be my go for those cool summer mornings. With beach days almost upon us, I am excited to introduce my replacement for the common espadrille; Agonis Canvas Shoe. Light weight, incredibly comfortable, and my top pick for the essential footwear you need for this Spring/Summer season. 




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