Make Room For Life


This year has been punctuated with opportunities to reflect upon how much space I have dedicated to the most important things in life. Our constantly shifting and rapidly expanding social space has transformed the way we live our lives. No longer is work left at the office. And we don't sit down at one TV to watch the 8pm ABC murder mystery. Dinner is never served at a set table at 6pm - at least not in my household. 


I'm not sure about you, but the 'Living Room' has become just that for us. The hardest working room in the house, it is our connecting place with family and friends. From eating to exercising, playing or sleeping we do it all in there. IKEA wants to help everyday Australians make more out of their living space by offering multifunctional solutions and create ideas for smaller space living, living with children and a more sustainable life with home. 


If you know me personally or impersonally, you have probably heard my song and dance countdown until our move (exactly two weeks today...excited is an understatement). So this morning's launch of the 2018 IKEA Catalogue: Make Room For Life could not have come at a better time. Scroll down to see all of my favourite pieces - I'll let you know which ones end up in our new home in two weeks.


You can take a look at the catalogue here 



PSA: IKEA now has a mobile coffee stand as you enter the building. Cue 'I didn't think IKEA could get any better, but it just has!" 

 This morning we were treated to a Swedish inspired breakfast. All this delicious food, and it still wasn't the best part! 



 This was my favourite room because of it's spaces for lounging and working. Come our move I won't have a room dedicated to my office anymore. IKEA has shown me that it is still possible to have a beautifully functional space that incorporates a working area. 








 There is absolutely no doubt that a pair of these will be in the new home! 

You know when you go to a party and they have beautifully cut sandwiches made from soft bread with delicious filling? And at the same party they have cake. Well meet Smörgåstårta a savoury cake similar to a sandwich, with lots of filling. 




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