Are You Guilty of Participating in the Newest Form of Bragging?



Have you fallen into the all too common trap of answering every question pertaining to your life with 'So Busy'? Don't worry, you are among friends here, you can admit it. Heck, I don't blame you, in fact I'm guilty of it myself.  


Now here is my question, why is it so hard to resist falling into this spiral of busy bragging? Ironically, it is a rather pathetic form of bragging as typically the conversation will see each side spit a myriad of synonyms for 'so busy' before ending in a stale mate where neither person actually had the opportunity to talk about all these incredible things that are soaking up all of our time. 


The way I see it, we must use the 'So Busy' line for one of three reasons


1. It's all a smoke screen 


It's a ruse! I am not one to speak to the negatives of social media often, because its place in my life is overwhelmingly positive, but I do think sometimes the bombardment of European summer escapes, launch events, music festivals and new clothes can make our lives feel a little dull. 


So instead of reporting on the less filtered, more mundane elements of our daily life we default to 'so busy' in an attempt to render ourselves just as interesting (and even more elusive) than everything that's happening on the gram. 



2. You're not busy, you're just unproductive 


If there is some truth to your 'so busy' then perhaps it is time to assess your productivity. If your current work/life load is looking pretty similar to everyone else's but you seem to be stuck in a spiral of 'so busy' with a side of 'I've ticked nothing off my to do list', then maybe this is you. 



3. You actually are busy, and have just become terrible at articulating all the things you're doing 


Maybe you are actually busying yourself with all the wonderful things that you want to do. If  you are making the most of each moment, and saying yes to all those opportunities that are coming your way, then perhaps you have just lost sight of how to articulate this. 



Or maybe like me, you're guilty of all three. With this in mind, I'm on a mission to be more mindful in the way that I converse. And in those times that I do feel busy, I'm going to make the most of the time I spend on conversations by actually sharing what is happening in my life, rather than falling into the 'so busy' table tennis war.  






P.S. There is a forth kind of 'so busy' that I forgot to mention. This is the one that can eat us up, and keep us awake at night. 


4. You have taken on so much, you feel overwhelmed 


This is perhaps the most important one to communicate in more words than 'so busy'. Letting others know that you are feeling overwhelmed isn't a sign of weakness. Opening yourself up to the help of others is a really positive step toward reclaiming the hours that seem to by flying by all too quickly. 




If you, or someone you know is feeling overwhelmed and at crisis point remember reaching out for support is always the right option. 


Lifeline (13 11 14)

Beyond Blue (1300 224 636)

Kids Helpline (1800 55 1800) 




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